7. What distinguishes visual art from other forms of visual communication?

Personally, visual art and visual communication are the same because I believe any successful visual art is communicating to the viewers in some ways, and work of art cannot mean nothing. Even the simplest forms such as lines and shapes can hold meanings as Robert Mangold has shown. Just some artists favor making the meanings obvious, and others do not.

As an artist, I am always paying attention to the method of delivering my message. I like to communicate with the viewers by guiding them with some clues, at the same time, I do not show the meanings too obvious, either.

Louise Bourgeois once mentioned a work of art does not have to be explained, but if her work does not cause any feelings to the viewer, she considered it as a failure. This shows the artist’s intension to communicate with the viewers, and when the communication part is failed, the work is failed as an art as well.


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