10. What are other venues for exhibiting art?

In addition to galleries and museums, there are no limitation to locations for art. I feel artists now have the freedom to choose the venue accordingly to each art work whether the venue was chosen due to maximizing visual aesthetic of work or having conceptual connections. Art work has its own presence in the environment, and controlling the surrounding seems to be a part of artists’ job.

When I create company logos and packaging designs, my venue is somewhere very close to everyday life, such as supermarket, office, home, on the street, etc. Barry McGee once said “things on the street are close to the truth,” and he may not have meant it as advertisement. But to me, the same logic applies to advertisement and commercial designs because it is deeply embedded into people’s lives, and it affects people constantly without them visiting any particular locations. There is no rope or security guards to stop viewers from interacting with each art work. I like the fact it is everywhere without any boundaries.


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