1. Why is art important?

Art is important because it is a means of self-expression and has the ability to carry powerful message to others.

The daughter of the artist, Sally Mann, once mentioned that she felt her mother had an internal love that was hard to express, and she felt that was the reason her mother took many pictures of her children. It was an interesting statement to me because I can relate to what she was saying.

Through art, I can express something I do not really know how to explain by words. I think art is a channel for artists’ messages, and it provides people the freedom of expression that they cannot find anywhere else.


One thought on “1. Why is art important?

  1. Concerning beauty in art,it is interesting to note how some artists have flat out rejected the concept and have deliberately made “ugly” work. For Barbara Kruger, she took images of modern day women that many find beautiful but for her they were ugly representations of unhealthy cultural beliefs about women’s bodies.


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